Mural Painting - with College for Creative Studies
Mural painting begins with an emphasis on painting and technique. Kadima members practice painting on small surfaces before moving over to large panels for a series of panel murals that will be displayed on-site at Kadima. The first half of the class where members are learning techniques takes place at The College for Creative Studies. The second half where members paint on large surfaces takes place in a studio at The City Hall Artspace Lofts in Dearborn.

Creative Photography/Stop Motion Animation – with CCS and Gabby Baginski
The Creative Photography class will combine digital photography with traditional and stop-motion animation. Kadima members will travel to various scenic sites; they will consider those sites in the way that a photographer might by looking at the composition, lighting, color, and atmosphere. They will then photograph it resulting in photographic stills or develop a visual story and photograph that story in sequence using tripods and props.

Check out this photo magazine our members made during their time in quarantineLife During Quarantine

Plein Air Painting – with CCS and Craig Paul Nowak 

Plein Air painting takes place outdoors with an emphasis on painting what you see in front of you in the scenic and temperate Michigan summers. Because it takes place outdoors, the paintings are generally landscapes. Every year a new painting location is chosen for the class. The location for this year has yet to be decided.

Printmaking – with College for Creative Studies

Printmaking will encompass all of printmaking. It will be an opportunity for Kadima members to experience different printmaking techniques. They will be using screen print techniques to make t-shirts and glue and found objects to make monoprints. They may make relief prints, woodcuts, an linocuts. The curriculum is still being developed, but it will encompass several print making techniques.