DSO Music Enrichment – With The DSO
During Music Enrichment Kadima members play alongside professional music therapists and DSO musicians. As a team, they develop a class program then work toward playing the music of their choosing in a performative setting. This year, they will have a double session the group has decided to play the blues during the first half and Motown during the second half. Kadima members either sing, play an instrument, or both, and as an added bonus, this year they will be writing some of their own songs.

-7 weeks + 1 dress rehearsal and 1 performance 
- 6-12 members served per session


Music Therapy (Without DSO) – With Creative Arts Therapy (Jody and Jordan)
(See “DSO Music Enrichment” above)
- 10 weeks 
- 6-12 members served per session

Drum Circle – with Drums On The Run & Sundance DiDomenico

Drum circle is lead by Sundance Didomenico as he takes Kadima members through rhythmic lessons and tonal experiences and teaches them about the origins of music. There is a focus on feeling and personal identity within a group as everyone plays. The sessions will culminate into a group performance.


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