Kadima provides a continuum of residential, clinical and educational/outreach programs for members of the community with mental health challenges.

The Lois and Milton Y. Zussman Activity Center provides a safe haven for Kadima clients where they can enjoy and benefit from social and cultural activities, educational classes, vocational support, volunteer engagement, culinary experiences, and a community atmosphere with their peers.


Culinary Arts Unit: The Culinary Arts Unit provides healthy cooking programming including cooking classes, planting and harvesting the Kadima garden and preparation of healthy meals for the Zussman Activity Center.

Business and Education Unit: The Business and Education Unit provides vocational and educational support activities. Through a partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services, clients receive job placement and job coaching services. In addition, the Client Volunteer Program which organizes opportunities for clients to volunteer in the community is operated through this unit. 

Social Integration Unit: The Social Integration Unit develops activities that are guided by client interests at the Lois and Milton Y. Zussman Activity Center, as well as with various organizations in the community. Activities include sporting events, concerts, cultural events, picnics, regular social outings, holiday parties and more.