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Healthy Body/Healthy Mind

Registration for this event will soon be available. Become an Event Sponsor! We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2017 Healthy Body Healthy Mind Event.  See attached sponsorship form....

Kadima Ambassador Network Events

  Thank you to everyone who came out to A Taste of Kadima!  We hope that you enjoyed the evening and have found your connection to the agency! View Event Photos     Next KAN...

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Community Reflections

This is Your Place: This is Your Home

Gloria served as a home manager for Kadima for eight years before accepting a promotion to area manager in 2015, increasing her responsibility overseeing Kadima’s homes for client residents. gloria

Written By: Gloria Campbell


When I started at Kadima, my previous experience of 20 years with the State of Michigan was working with developmentally disabled individuals, with the last five years transitioning to dual-diagnosis individuals with mental illness. I was not sure how long I planned on working at Kadima, but Kadima was like no other...

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You Can Be Part of Our Strategic Plan to Expand Our Reach

Evan became Kadima Board President in 2015, and his business experience and new perspectives have helped Kadima develop a new strategic vision to help guide the organization as it moves forward. eric and evan 16

Written By: Evan Leibhan

Several years ago, I got involved with Kadima at the recommendation of a colleague, and as I learned more about its mission, my enthusiasm to join it grew. Mental health is a very important issue that too often people like to sweep under the rug and does not get the attention it merits because of the stigma still surrounding the subject...

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CARFComission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
CARF is an independent nonprofit organization whose focus is to ensure services meet client needs for quality and the best possible outcomes. Kadima’s renewed CARF accreditation in June 2015 states that the agency is “dedicated and committed to improve the quality of the lives of persons served...that services, personnel and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of practice excellence”.